Photo of the Day : : Cowes Jetty Wide : : Phillip Island, Victoria

This image best viewed large : : click on the photo for a larger version.

Cowes Jetty Panoramic : : Phillip Island : : Victoria, Australia

Cowes Jetty Wide
Cowes, Phillip Island : : Victoria, Australia

This is the first of a set of 4 photos taken of the old Cowes Jetty on Phillip Island. The sun was low in the sky and foreboding clouds filled the opposite sky.

I would love to hear from you which one of the four you prefer – I will be posting the other three over the next three days.

This photograph is available for purchase as a print.

1/800 sec at f4.0, ISO 200

6 Comments on “Photo of the Day : : Cowes Jetty Wide : : Phillip Island, Victoria”

  1. vk says:

    I do like this one… waiting for more…

  2. themofman says:

    Yes, good clean colour, and a sharpness that’s appropriate.

  3. Ann Jasmine says:

    Hi Matt – looking at the 4, I like this one the best. But I have a tendency to like wide angled shots most! I love Phillip Island, the penguins are so cute.
    Thanks so much for following my blog! Really appreciate it.

    • Matt Korinek says:

      Awesome – thanks for taking the time to look through them Ann Jasmine! I’m also a big fan of wide angled views.

      The penguins are very cute. I only wish they were making their trek from the ocean when there’s a bit more light so I could get a photo or two :P

      Glad to be following your blog – I look forward to seeing more of your work! Thanks for the follow as well – I hope you enjoy the photos. :)

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