Photo of the Day : : Peaceful Lillies

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Korinek Photography | Peaceful Lillies : : Deloraine, Tasmania

 Peaceful Lillies
Deloraine : : Tasmania, Australia

Lillies are beautiful flowers. One of my favourite prints is the Special Edition version of Serenity from yesterday’s post. Here’s a more recent lilly photo.

These three were sitting at the edge of the river that runs through Deloriane, Tasmania. I almost fell into the river due to the steep bank, but was able to avoid what would have been funny to an outsider, but not so funny for my camera! ;)

This photograph is available for purchase as a print.

1/500 sec at f5.6, ISO 800

All images Copyright 2012 – Matt Korinek : : Korinek Photography
Images cannot be used without explicit permission from Korinek Photography – All rights reserved

2 Comments on “Photo of the Day : : Peaceful Lillies”

  1. rachel jane says:

    I love this! I totally love how each flower is getting slightly more open. Maybe this would be great on a card. Especially a birthday card ;)

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