Photo of the Day : : “The Neck”

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Korinek Photography | "The Neck" : : Bruny Island : : Tasmania, Australia

“The Neck”
Bruny Island : : Tasmania, Australia

Here’s the view from the Truganini Steps with a telephoto lens. It really shows you how thin the isthmus they call “The Neck” on Bruny Island really is! This was at low tide, as you can see the tide pools on the right. On the left is the beach where I took the sunset photos (starting here) that were posted last week.

This photograph is available for purchase as a print.

1/1600 sec at f2.8, ISO 200

All images Copyright 2012 – Matt Korinek : : Korinek Photography
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  2. I love your work. I have mentioned your site in my post about the Versatile Blogger Award. Regards ..

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