Photo of the Day : : Jagged Tassie : : Cape Huay

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Korinek Photography | Jagged Tassie : : Cape Huay : : Tasmania, Australia

Jagged Tassie
Cape Huay : : Bruny Island : : Tasmania, Australia

I took a number of photos during a half day hike along Cape Huay. It was a striking jagged coastline but as it was the middle of the day, most didn’t work out quite as well as I had hoped since the hike was during the middle parts of the day.

This is the photo I like best of the bunch, mostly because of the way the ocean blends into the sky at the horizon.

This photograph is available for purchase as a print.

1/160 sec at f5.6, ISO 200

All images Copyright 2012 – Matt Korinek : : Korinek Photography
Images cannot be used without explicit permission from Korinek Photography – All rights reserved


2 Comments on “Photo of the Day : : Jagged Tassie : : Cape Huay”

  1. Amazing shot ! Really wish I can take something like that =)

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