Bay of Fires Fading Light

Clearly my posts won’t be as frequent, as this is my first post since I announce that I’m back almost a week ago!

I was flat out busy covering the leadership conference that my company runs every year. It was a great event where people laughed, cried, were inspired and learned about themselves and their leadership. I was able to keep an ear open for some golden nuggets, but most of my focus was on capturing the event in moving a still pictures. It’s an interesting thing to get used to; switching between a still photo versus a video frame of mind! I might be able to share some of the photos that I captured – but I just have to make sure that I have permission.

So for now, here’s the last photo I will share from the Bay of Fires in Tasmania, Australia:

Korinek Photography | Bay of Fires Fading Light

Bay of Fires Fading Light
Bay of Fires | Tasmania, Australia

I first shared this photo on my other blog – although I still haven’t decided whether I want to (or have the time to) start it up again. Have a look and let me know your thoughts  – is the content interesting enough for you to follow?


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  1. […] A couple posts ago, I said that I had shared all of my photos from the Bay of Fires. I lied. […]

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