Introducing: Tasmania 2012 Collection | Korinek Photography – Part 1

What do I have for you today?

Korinek Photography | Tasmania 2012About a week ago on my facebook page, I shared what I had been working on over the previous few months.

I have put together the best of my photos from Tassie into my Tasmania 2012 Collection. Each photograph in this collection is available as a limited edition print run of 20 and are available for purchase on my website. This collection shows the varied landscapes of Tasmania that I captured and includes information about what sizes and print media are available for purchase. Many regular followers will recognize the photos from this collection as they were posted on this blog first.

Today I will share the first half of the collection. If you’d like to see the whole collection in higher resolution pdf format, please download your copy here (approx 15mb to download). If there’s people who you think would be interested in my work, feel free to share my website ( this blog (, the pdf file or the direct link to the pdf ( with them.

Have a look and let me know what you think!

I know things have been quiet for a while once again. It has been a whirlwind few weeks as I’ve been flown around Australia as part of my new videographer/photographer role. I haven’t been able to focus as much on my own photography and the blog as a result. When I have had a few spare minutes, I’ve been continuing to edit photo from my travels, and I am currently working through my shots from Kangaroo IslandI’m really excited with what I’ve been able to come up with there. So be sure to stay tuned!

Thank you for all your support.


4 Comments on “Introducing: Tasmania 2012 Collection | Korinek Photography – Part 1”

  1. JimR says:

    Great images Matt. The monochrome shots really “hit the spot”

    • Matt Korinek says:

      Awesome – thank you Jim. I do love a good black and white image. I’m experimenting with toning as well with my photos from Kangaroo Island. Do you experiment much with Black & White?

      • JimR says:

        Hi Matt, some images really benefit from the b & w “treatment” as it can bring out the textures and mood of an image better than colour. Although I appreciate good b & w images I have not done much because you often need to spend a lot of time post processing to get good results. Not like the “old days” when you used b & w film. Also I believe, to some extent, that you need to “see” the image in monochrome in your mind before you capture it (pre-visualisation), so that when you “develop” it in photoshop using the b&w filters that you get the results you expect. I look forward to seeing Kangaroo Island images.

      • Matt Korinek says:

        I definitely agree Jim. Recently I read an idea (can’t remember where) on how to “see” if an image will work in black and white if you shoot RAW. Basically the idea is to change your picture style (or whatever is similar on your camera) to black and white – which means the photo that comes up during playback (and that is attached to your raw file as a thumbnail) comes up in black and white. This allow you to see what the scene looks like with that treatment and also allows you to assess a scene based on brightness, contrast and tonality using your camera’s LCD. Since you’re shooting RAW, all of the colour information should still be there when you import – so you can decide which treatment is better and go from there. Haven’t tried it yet, but am planning on giving it a go!

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