A bit of Strassenfotojournal down under

One of the blogs I follow is Cornelia Lohs “Strassenfotojournal“. She captures everyday life around her in a photojournalistic-type way. Swing by her page to have a look at some of hear great street photography.

Although not my usual style, there is something that I really like about street photography and would love to get into a bit more. Here’s my attempt:

Korinek Photography | Library Flight

I took this photo while waiting on the stairs in front of the Victoria Library in Melbourne. I was waiting for my friend Ron, a fellow Canadian who’s spent the last few years doing his MD down under. He was in town for just a couple days while writing an exam and then had to fly back to Alice Springs to finish his rotation. I’m always amazed to see good friends on the other side of the world. Hopefully a few more swing by as I’ll be here for a while… :)
The guy on the left was feeding the birds while the kids were enjoying chasing them off. Got a few in the air, but my favourite is the pigeon between the old man and the young boy. At the moment I captured this, that pigeon would only be able to see the inside of his/her feathers.



4 Comments on “A bit of Strassenfotojournal down under”

  1. vera says:

    Love the mood in this shot, mellow and happy.

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning my Strassenfotojournal!! Glad you like my work!

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