Secret, Un-named Bay

To be honest, this bay isn’t a secret to the people who live in the area. And it is highly unlikely that it is un-named. However, it is definitely not a spot on Kangaroo Island that most visitors get to see.

How did I find out about it?

Well after arriving on the Sealink ferry at sunrise, I started my trek to Dan & Sue’s KI Olives farm. This was my home for two weeks.

When I first decided to visit KI, I knew that I wanted to stay for a while, because the ferry is so expensive. I didn’t want to run out of money paying for more expensive gas (or petrol as they call it here), food and accomodation – which generally happens on islands. So I opened up my wwoofing book (willing workers on organic farms) to find a host. Wwoofing is a great way to travel because in exchange for a few hours work, you get accommodation and food included. At first I wasn’t having any luck finding a host. Luckily, Dan responded to my email and we figured out a time for me to visit. I’m really glad he answered that email.

I has an amazing time on their farm. They were so kind and welcoming and we had many great conversations at the dinner table and whilst working out on the farm. Dan is a very hard worker who inspires you to work just as hard. I learned many things from him about farming and living off the land. I would say 90-99% of the food I ate was from his land and boy was it great food! Not only does he love growing great quality food, but he also loves cooking it. I enjoyed every bite.

Both of them were great about sharing what Kangaroo Island has to offer and since they knew I was a photographer, they suggested I head down a path near their farm and this is what I found. I’m pretty sure Dan told me the name of it, but I forget so I just call it “Secret Bay”. Unless you’re staying with Dan & Sue or some of their neighbours, you’re unlikely to find it!

Secret Bay | Kangaroo Island 2012 | Korinek Photography

Secret Bay

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