Letters in the Landscape

Yesterday I shared the view down the coast towards Remarkable Rocks. Today, the first of a few remarkable rocks.

Here I just focused on one of the smaller rocks (although still quite large, as big as a person). To me, it looks a bit like an “R” on its side, hence the name.

R | Flinders Chase National Park | Korinek Photography

R | Flinders Chase National Park

KP1605 | Edition of 20

Display Options:
Kodak Supra Endura Paper | Lustre
Kodak Endura Metallic Paper | Glossy
Fuji Pearl Paper | Glossy*
Aluminum Metal | Glossy
Aluminum Metal | Sheer*

Sizes: 8×16 | 10×20 | 12×24 | 16×32*

Purchase a limited edition print of this image here!

*these options unavailable online – contact directly to order


4 Comments on “Letters in the Landscape”

  1. […] know how it might turn out! Definitely a different look from my other photos of Remarkable Rocks here, here, here and […]

  2. […] Chase National Park is famous for its Remarkable Rocks (series of photos staring here) but that is not all it has to offer. Another famous place in the park on Cape de Couedic is […]

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