Yes, I know this is an obvious photo…

When on and island called Kangaroo Island, what else would you shoot?

In fact, this was the only time during my month on the island that I saw Kangaroos. I saw heaps of wallabies, but only these two kangaroos. Luckily, they hung out for a while and I was able to capture a few shots. This was the best of the bunch.

But as those of you who follow the blog know, there was lots of other things to shoot. If you’re new to the blog, you can see some of those other shots for yourself starting here.

Racing Roo | Korinek Photography

Racing Roo

KP1615 | Edition of 20

Display Options:
Kodak Supra Endura Paper | Lustre
Kodak Endura Metallic Paper | Glossy
Fuji Pearl Paper | Glossy*
Aluminum Metal | Glossy
Aluminum Metal | Sheer*

Sizes: 8×12 | 12×18 | 16×24 | 20×30 | 24×36

*these options unavailable online – contact directly to order

2 Comments on “Yes, I know this is an obvious photo…”

  1. themofman says:

    The dark upward curve in the tail.

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