Rocks, clouds & water – what more can a landscape photographer ask for?

Well a lot more in fact, however if you give me those three things I’m usually pretty content.

Lately I’ve been struggling with getting the results I want from my photography at my other job. I want to be knowing things out of the park but don’t seem to be able to. Conditions aren’t what I want them to be. Things aren’t set up for me to succeed. Basically, I’m finding lots of reasons why things aren’t working out and not taking any responsibility for my part of it.

Last night I had a bit of an epiphany on how I can be “in the zone” when doing my photography – even when I’m under time constraints. In a personal development seminar I’m taking, we talked about how being in the zone is all about being in the moment. No big surprise there. However, I hadn’t realized that “trying to be in the zone” was the exact thing that was keeping me from being in it. By comparing my current circumstances to some other time when I have been in the zone precluded me from entering it.

So my plan is to take a few breaths, get present and then allow what is happening in the current moment to occur. Just like I did when I was on Snelling Beach where I took this photo (and the one I posted the other day).

Late Arvo Rock Pools | Korinek Photography

Late Arvo Rock Pools | Snelling Beach

KP1617 | Edition of 20

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Kodak Supra Endura Paper | Lustre
Kodak Endura Metallic Paper | Glossy
Fuji Pearl Paper | Glossy*
Aluminum Metal | Glossy
Aluminum Metal | Sheer*

Sizes: 8×12 | 12×18 | 16×24 | 20×30 | 24×36

*these options unavailable online – contact directly to order

2 Comments on “Rocks, clouds & water – what more can a landscape photographer ask for?”

  1. ckponderings says:

    Great ethos and great picture! :D

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