Kiwi or ‘Strayian?

People who are not from the land down under might not understand this title.

In fact as a Canadian, I mispelled the second part of it and had to be corrected by my hosts on Kangaroo Island, Dan and his family. Dan had this book at his house that took a comical look at how Australian pronounce their words. Most people know that Kiwi is what someone from New Zealand is called. There’s a small flightless bird and a tasty fruit from that island that share the same name.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the second word is how an Australian would say “Australian”. Close you eyes an picture an Australian saying it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. If it helps, you could say “good eye might” to yourself as well and try to not make it sound like an Australian saying “good day mate”.

What does any of that have to do with this photo? Well, on Kangaroo Island there are two major marine mammals that rest on its shores. One is the Australian Sea-Lion and the other is the New Zealand Fur Seal. As you can tell by the punctuation in the title, I’m not sure which this is. Does anyone know?

Kiwi or Strayian? | Korinek Photography

Kiwi or ‘Strayian | Fishing with Dan

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5 Comments on “Kiwi or ‘Strayian?”

  1. I have no idea but that seal-lion is a real poseur.

  2. JimR says:

    Beautiful image Matt. Lovely detail and composition.

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