Big Dune, Little Desert; Sahara in Australia?

Yep, it’s true. There is a Sahara Desert is Australia

No, they didn’t move the desert from Africa, or transport sand from the Sahara to Australia. Why would you? Australia is the driest continent in the world (so I’ve been told). This image is from “Little Sahara” on Kangaroo Island. Usually a large desert has a few oasis that are surrounded by mountains of sand. Here, it is the small desert that is surrounded by gum trees and bushland.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

Big Dune, Little Desert | Little Sahara | Korinek Photography

Big Dune, Little Desert | Little Sahara

KP1622 | Edition of 20

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Kodak Supra Endura Paper | Lustre
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2 Comments on “Big Dune, Little Desert; Sahara in Australia?”

  1. ckponderings says:

    Love the dune line, and the fact it’s taken straight from the corner of the image! :D

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