blog consolidation | 6th time is the charm?

WEB-DSC_3199*Insert vinyl-record-scratching sound here. You could call it a “re-brand” but I’m choosing to call it a consolidation.

Whatever you call it, it is the result of both the successes and failures of the blogs that came before.

At this time last year, I had 5 different blogs.

They ranged from one that share my photography, one where I talked about my opinions on gear/techniques, another that I was trying to create a community of 50mm shooters, one for my own development and finally one just for fun. At their heart, every single one was a photography blog.

The premise was that I didn’t want to have to much different stuff going on any one particular blog. Not only had I read that the most successful blogs are the ones that focus on a particular niche, I prefer to read blogs that fit that description.

The two blogs that I read all the time are:

By Thom – Thom Hogan’s blog satisfies my nerdy, gear-head side but in an intellectual (rather than just spec-based) way. It’s not the prettiest blog in the world, but I appreciate his unique way of viewing and explaining all things in the Nikon world.

Strobist – this blog by David Hobby is the “go-to” resource for information and inspiration for anyone interested in leaning about using flashes/strobes off their camera to fulfill their creative vision. He’s another example of a blogger where his personality comes through his writing and I read because I like what he has to say.

In both cases their niche is extremely well defined. Clearly I failed at creating a specific niche where I was able to sustain momentum long enough for any real success to be had. So here we go again!

If you fail 5 times, try a 6th

After some soul searching, I’ve decided to close down those other blogs, consolidate the core ideas and re-launch Photo Proventure. What can you look forward to? I’ll explain the details of the consolidation on another day but for now I can tell you this: the plan is to focus on the things that I’m passionate about, to take the best from those other blog and see how it evolves!

I hope you stay tuned.


8 Comments on “blog consolidation | 6th time is the charm?”

  1. themofman says:

    Reinventing the self is often the way to go.

  2. I will look forward to your posts!

    • Matt Korinek says:

      Thanks Rick. It should be interesting to see how things evolve – I’m still not sure exactly what it is going to look like! Nice to know that you’ll continue to follow along.

  3. brettdc says:

    Don’t overthink it. Just write about what you love and see what happens

  4. brettdc says:

    I almost forget…..shamelessly self promote while your at it ;)

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