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Helicopter Powering Up | Korinek Photography

Powering up

Early in the new year I got a call from Brett Campbell of Goatpen Media with an exciting opportunity: Hop in a helicopter and go flying over the mountain ranges of southern Victoria.

Scroll to the bottom if you want to see some of his video footage or take your time and enjoy the photos.

Predawn Mountain | Alpine National Park | Victoria, Australia | Korinek Photography

Pre-dawn Mountain

I had met Brett through a coworker  at an event a few months back and we hit it off right away. He’s the type of guy who is so committed to his craft that it is inspiring. How committed is he? We were up around 1am to be at the helipad for 5am. You can read his side of the story here.

A special shout out go to him for thinking of me and getting me into the extra seat in the helicopter! I should also thank David Blunden from Alpineheli for flying us safely through the mountains and John Martins Logistic Solutions and Hema Maps for allowing it all to happen.

We took flight before the sun rose over the horizon in a tiny, four person helicopter. Both Brett and my doors were off so that we wouldn’t have to deal with reflections. Thank goodness we were strapped in tight!

The light levels were so low that I had to bump up my ISO and still ended up with some camera motion. It was extremely difficult to get a good shot when you took the helicopter speed, helicopter motion, low light and wind into account. I learned a lot from this experience that’s for sure.

At the foot of Alpine National Park | Korinek Photography

The view as we first rose into the sky

We made out way over the plains and into Alpine National Park. The sun was still hidden behind the horizon, but the misty mountains still made for some great photography:

Misty Dawn Layers | Alpine National Park | Victoria, Australia | Korinek Photography

Misty Dawn Layers | Alpine National Park | Victoria, Australia

We than arrived at our main location – Crosscut Saw.  This is an incredible part of the park where the trail follows along a high ridge in the mountains. You can see the ridge lit up in the foreground of the image below:

Crosscut Saw | Alpine National Park | Victoria, Australia | Korinek Photography

Crosscut Saw | Alpine National Park | Victoria, Australia

We did a number of loops waiting for the main character – Beau Miles to show up. While I was waiting, I just kept shooting.

Alpine National Park | Victoria Australia | Korinek Photography

Sun flare over the mountains

Finally Beau appeared. Brett needed to get some aerial shots of Beau passing over Crosscut Saw for his personal video project called “The Trail of Miles”. Here’s a glimpse of Beau on the Crosscut. I’ll share more when I post a link to the full movie trailer soon!

Beau Miles on Crosscut Saw | Korinek Photography

Beau Miles on Crosscut Saw

On his blog, Brett shared some of the initial footage he captured on his xdcam. Have a look at it below:

Here’s Brett doing his thing out of the back seat (supposedly less bumpy there):

Brett from Goatpen Media doing his thing | Korinek Photography

Brett from Goatpen Media

Pretty cool eh?

If you’re interested in collaborating with Korinek Photography | Photo Proventure, check out the link on the side bar, or click here.

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