celebrating ANZAC day & peace

ANZAC DAY | Korinek Photography

Australian War Memorial | Canberra, A.C.T.

Today is a very important day for both Australians and Kiwis. It is a day that both countries remember the people served and who lost their lives in conflicts around the world.

To some it might seem that the quote I chose to superimpose on the photo of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra is not supportive of soldiers. In fact I do support the soldiers and their families since they made the ultimate sacrifice. What I don’t always support are the people in power who put them into harms way (especially when the reason for war is unfounded – I’m looking at you Mr. Bush…).

Either way, whether or not violence itself leads to a peaceful resolution isn’t what I’m arguing. I’m proposing that in the moments where peace actually comes into existence is when an understanding is reached between two parties. I also believe that peace can be maintained and violence prevented if we were open to having a greater understanding of both the differences and similarities between all peoples of this world. On a day like this I not only remember the soldiers that have lost their lives, but the countless innocent civilians who undoubtedly are killed in the crossfire.

May all the soldiers fighting in any conflict and from any country get home safely, all the families caught in the fighting experience no more loss and we find a way for the world to live in peace. That’s what I wish for.

What is your perspective?


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