first try at aerial photography

Free helicopter rides are awesome

I thought I’d share some more of the results from my collaboration in the sky with Brett from Goatpen Media that occurred in early January of this year. These images were taken with my new Nikon D600 – I figured the high ISO capabilities would come in handy and they did!

Although I call it a collaboration now, at the time it was just a friend calling me and giving me the opportunity to experience aerial photography for the first time. There was no specific plan outside of that. Brett needed the helicopter to finish his documentary video “The Trail of Miles” and there was an extra seat in the helicopter.

Either way, I think it shows you how you can work with friends and help each other out.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

2 Comments on “first try at aerial photography”

  1. MrsB says:

    I once had a friend whose husband served in the Army Air Corps. She managed to persuade her husband to fly my handbag back to me after I had left it at theirs during a visit ^_^
    Look at you though, how lucky are you to have a friend with a spare seat in a chopper AND to be an extremely talented photographer who came back with simply stunning shots, happy days!

    • Matt Korinek says:

      Wow, that’s awesome that he flew your handbag back to you! It’s pretty amazing how things happen. Thanks for stopping by and the kind words on my photos. Swing by again sometime!

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