“The Trail of Miles” Movie Trailer

Beau Miles on Crosscut Saw | "The Trail of Miles" | Alpine National Park | Korinek Photography

Beau on the trail

There’s runners, and then there’s Runners.

Beau Miles is a Runner (with a capital R) and Adventurer (with a capital A). From his website I can see he’s been living an adventurous life since he first started traveling at 17 years old. I actually never got to meet Beau, since he was running across Crosscut Saw in Alpine National Park and I was in the helicopter!

The Documentary

Brett and Beau have been working together on a movie called “The Trail of Miles”, and that’s why Brett had hired the helicopter on that day. Lucky for me he did, cause I got some sweet shots. Have a look at the trailer for “The Trail of Miles” below.

To be honest I don’t even know much about the story other than what Brett from Goatpen Media has told me and what you can see in the trailer. I was in that helicopter because he called me an offered a free trip. I figured a free helicopter trip is a great way to get into aerial photographyinstead of paying lots of cash just to “try it out”.

If Brett lets me know where it is playing, I’ll let everyone know where they can go see it!

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