Blind Powerlifter Pekx Nanai | Living Life Powerfully

Pekx’s message

            “Actions speak louder than words; don’t think, just do.”

Korinek Photography | Lepeka Pekx Nanai | Blind World Record Holding Powerlifter | Powerlifting Melbourne, AustraliaAs someone who was introduced to the sport of powerlifting only 3 years ago, Lepeka Nanai, aka: Pekx, has a lot to say about getting out of your head and getting things done. He currently holds 3 world records in blind powerlifting and can tell you this sport is not for the faint of heart. It requires immense physical strength and constant training, but according to Pekx, the hard part is in your head.

The weight doesn’t change

“In the game of powerlifting,” he says, “there is a point where your mental strength kicks in. When I think too much before I do a lift, it throws off my technique.”

What Pekx has come to understand is that thinking won’t make a difference. The weight of the bar is going to be the same whether he worries about it or not. The challenge isn’t the weight itself; it’s the act of getting up and doing it despite what’s going on in his head.

Who me?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words | Don't Think, Just Do. | Lepeka "PEKX" Nanai | Korinek Photography Poster“Don’t think, just do” is not just a message for powerlifters. As human beings, we are very good at putting up imaginary barriers. We picture situations that don’t exist and react to things that have not yet occurred. The mind is a powerful thing and if we aren’t careful, it can get in the way of us accomplishing our goals.

Next up – Moscow, Russia

Pekx will be competing in his first Open World Championship next month in Moscow Russia against sighted competitors. Will the voice in his head be there? Probably. Just like yours doesn’t go away. What Pekx has developed is the ability to put the thoughts aside and go for it. So far, that’s served him pretty well.

What’s your powerlifting? What are you passionate about? Leave a comment below.

Whatever it is, take it from Pekx: “ Get off your butt, don’t worry about how heavy it is. Don’t think; just get it done.”

Korinek Photography | Lepeka Pekx Nanai | Blind Powerlifter | Melbourne, Australia
Lepeka Nanai for his time, energy and message. It’s been great getting to know him better and I’ll be cheering him on from a distance as he competes against the best in the world in Moscow. Without him there would be no story.
Melissa Lochhead for her writing skills & her time as photographic assistant. We partnered together in the writing of this blog post. All of the great parts of the post are hers and any mistakes are my own. She also volunteered her time to this project and was my voice-activated-light-stand during the photo shoot.
Zoe Lake for her connecting skills and for all of the work she put in to support this project. Her talent of getting into action right away is invaluable and the extra time she put in to make things easier on me was much appreciated.
David Jame and the whole Melbourne University Weightlifting & Powerlifting Club for allow me to be part of their community and supporting this project with their energy and understanding. Thank you to all the people who appeared in the video and/or photos.
Rachel Jane for being such a supportive partner and helping me in whatever way I needed. Love you babe!
For more info on how I met Pekx, read this blog post.

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