Thank you for considering collaborating with Photo Proventure!

I’m always excited to work with great people on inspiring projects as well as anything that gives readers of this site additional viewpoints that add value to their photography.

Photo Pro Venture is currently looking for the following:

  • Pros to interview about their journey to becoming pro for the Pro Files posts
  • Pro Tips that you’d like to share about things you’ve learned along the way
  • Inspiring Links to Photographers who’s work you love
  • Reviews of the Pro Tools you use to get pro level results
  • How To tutorials for readers to learn and improve their craft
  • Pick a subject you’re passionate about and we can have an online debate to get people talking!
  • If you’re in my area, I’d love to meet up and get out to do some photography! Find out where I am at the moment by following me on twitter @photoproventure or you can email me using the address below

Here’s what Photo Proventure can offer:

  • Exposure – A new venue to  get your name known
  • Niche Audience –  Photo Proventure aims to attract people who are looking to improve their photography, go pro and/or diversify their pro business
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – links to and from your blog/website will help move you up the search engine rankings

If this sounds like something you would be interested in email me directly at I look forward to hearing from you and collaborating on something great!


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